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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  May 4, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm j.c. haywood. at least nine children and one adult are being treated for injuries after two school buses collided. this happened a short while ago
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on stringtown road near route 355 in clarksburg, maryland. our scott broom reports that none of the victims suffered serious injuries. >> reporter: these two school buses collided at that busy time of day here on stringtown road as buses were coming and going to the little bennett element school. one of the buses was leaving the school, coming in this direction empty as it apparently touched its brakes and lost control, came into the other lane and clipped a bus filled with 24 children. that sent that bus off the road, into the ditch and into the trees. there were 24 children on board, at least 10 of those children were taken to two separate medical centers for treatment. here's how school spokesperson danatofig described the situation. >> the students were quickly evacuated from the bus. at this point we know that 10 students were transported to area hospitals for evaluation and the bus drivers of each of
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the buses was also transferred. the fire department is telling us that none of the injuries appear to be very serious. if that's the case, we're very grateful for that. but they will continue to be evaluated and i illinois the police are continuing -- i know the police are continuing to investigate the accident. the parents of the students who were involved in the accident were contacted immediately. at this time we know that the school is in the process of contacting the rest of the parents from little bennett elementary where this bus is headed. the students that were not injured and did not need to be transported, we got another vehicle to transport them back to school and to try to normalize their day as best we could. >> reporter: both bus drivers were also taken for medical treatment, but according to the school spokesperson, the bus drivers were able to render aid to children immediately while they waited for police and rescuers to arrive. investigators now are trying to figure out exactly what happened. according to one investigator, one of the bus drivers reported that she may have lost control as she touched her brakes coming around a wet curve and that may have been what caused the bus to drift out into the other lane
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and cause this accident. in clarksburg, maryland, scott broom, 9 news now. >> you can get updates on this school bus accident by going to our website, and we will have an update on the victims' conditions on 9 news now at 5:00. doctors are treating two people after an explosion rocked their montgomery county home. the blast happened this morning on ashley drive in rockville, maryland. investigators are on the scene. they're trying to determine exactly what triggered this explosion. our surrey chin has been following the story all morning. she joins us now from rockville. >> reporter: j.c., we are learning that the woman's condition has worsened. she is now in critical condition, and when you see the rubble behind me, you'll be amazed that anyone survived this home that blew up. both victims suffered severe burns as investigators now try to figure out what caused this explosion that shook this
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neighborhood. >> it was just boom, you know, my whole house shook. >> next thing you know we have, like, a good 20 or 30 fire trucks in our neighborhood. >> reporter: steven ran out unprepared to see what woke them up early on a wednesday morning. >> the house was just completely -- you couldn't even recognize the house. >> reporter: his friends captured this picture, the home a ball of fire and ned ran straight toward it. >> glass everywhere, went to the back, i saw my neighbor screaming for his wife. >> reporter: ned found the man's wife and helped her to safety. >> she told me that they were sleeping and she just wakes up in the back yard. she doesn't remember. >> reporter: at daybreak you could see the extent of the damage. there was no home sfanding, -- standing, only debris between two neighboring houses. it is remarkable that two people got out alive when you see all this destruction here. now fire and explosives investigators have the enormous task of sifting through all that rubble. the gas company is making sure there are no leaks, all power
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has been shut off in the 11200 block of ashley drive. but now investigators have to figure out where to begin. >> the sad part is they just moved in two days ago. yeah. that's really sad, these poor folks. >> reporter: can you believe that? the couple in their 30s just moved in a couple of days ago. it has been raining for most of the day, so it hampered some of the investigation, but they have now since been able to bring in the heavy machinery to really start this investigation. some people have speculated that this could have been caused by a gas explosion, but, really too early to say exactly what caused this neighborhood to shake. back to you. >> surrey chin reporting live, thank you very much. we are learning more about what happened after osama bin laden was killed on sunday by u.s. navy seals in pakistan. white house officials are debating whether they will release photos of bin laden's body. and the cia is looking at his
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computers. they were seized during that raid. tomorrow president barack obama will fly to ground zero in new york to meet with families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: after navy seals killed osama bin laden, they discovered 500 euros in cash and a pair of phone numbers sewn into his clothing. intelligence officials say that's a sign the al-qaida leader was ready to run at a moment's notice. according to the white house, bin laden did resist, but was not holding a gun when u.s. forces shot him twice at close range. >> we always assume from the beginning that the likelihood was that he was going to be killed. >> reporter: the seals took photos of bin laden's body, but the administration has not made them public. cia director leon panetta believes at least one of the pictures will be released, but white house aides say the images are gruesome. president obama is getting high marks for the raid that killed osama bin laden. a new cbs news/new york times poll shows his approval rating
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has risen 11% and 85% approve of the way he handled the pursuit of the al-qaida leader. tomorrow the president heads for ground zero in new york city where he will meet with families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks. he invited former president george w. bush to join him, but the man who launched the hunt for bin laden declined. president obama is planning to return to ground zero in the fall on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. new york city mayor michael bloomberg says the president will be there for the formal opening of the 9/11 memorial. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> for more coverage of bin laden's death and the aftermath, go to our website, a special section is at the top of our home page. don't be alarmed if you hear fighter jets scrambling overhead tonight. norad, the north american aerospace defense command is planning to test the region's air defenses. the exercise is expected to start between 11:30 tonight and
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5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. norad conducts such drills monthly to hone its intercept and identification operations and test the region's visual warning system. james madison university is moving to add tornado warnings to its emergency alert system. last week the university used its website to inform students about a tornado watch and warning. some students say that's not enough. many say that they were scared because they didn't know exactly what to do. still to come on 9 news now at noon, find out why the host of the cbs hit show "the amazing race" is in town for something very near and deer to his heart. also, you may be surprised at how much the prince of wales knows about sustainable farming. he's in the united states for a three-day visit. we'll be back.
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the prips of wales continued -- prince of wales continued his three-day tour of washington with a stop at georgetown university this morning. he was the keynote speaker at today's conference on sustainable agricultural. prince charles believes that the practice would dramatically reduce world hunger. >> certainly internationally food insecurity is a growing
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problem. there are also many now who consider the global food systems are well on the way to being in crisis. >> the prince will meet with president obama at the white house later today. meanwhile, skref state hillary clinton is on her way -- secretary of state hillary clinton is on her way to rome. she's talking to world leaders about libya and she will also meet with italian leaders. italy's parliament is calling for a deadline on its role in the nato-led airstrikes on libya. coming up next, howard and the forecast. >> j.c., we've been getting peeks of sunshine, we need it, as temperatures are significantly colder, about 25 or 30 degrees now. we're hoping to get to 60 today. we have warmer temperatures on the way. we'll look at doppler 9000. it's looking good toward the weekend. 9 news now returns after this. wo
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it's the gospel of going green, florida avenue baptist church in northwest washington is the first african-american church in the district to use solar panels. this was the scene at yesterday's rooftop
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ribbon-cutting ceremony. the 10 kilowatt rooftop solar system should reduce the church's power bill and carbon footprint. administrator lisa jackson hopes that more churches will get on the green bandwagon. >> with these solar panels, you're the path of winning our future one community at a time and i actually can't think of a more important community for the african-american population than the faith-based community. >> the solar panels aren't just good for the environment, they're good for the local economy. d.c.-based bolt energy supplied the panels for that project. pepco customers, you're going to get a break because starting june 1st, maryland residential customers should see their bills go down by about 15%. so if you use the average 1,000 kilowatts each month, your bill will go from about $151 to $129. the decrease stems from a
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recent reduction and the standard offered service rates by the maryland public service commission. just about everyone is pitching in to help clean up that mess left behind from the tornadoes that ripped through alabama. many of the homes in tuscaloosa were destroyed by last week's storm and more than 230 people were killed. thousands of homes and businesses are without power. let's go take a look at our weather. >> yeah, much quieter now. the rains are pulling away, that's good news. it's chilly, though, only in the low 50s now. yesterday we were at 81. >> i know. from the air conditioner to -- >> you'll need the heaters tonight, we've got 40s and possible 30s north and west. we'll have sunshine mixing in with the clouds. at times it'll be mostly cloudy, other times partly sunny. temperatures by 3:00 upper 50s, and by 5:00 near 60 degrees. that's all we're going to do today with a stiff northwest wind gusting 25, maybe 30 as well. by 9:00 we're back down to 55
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with partly cloudy conditions. look at the satellite and radar combined. you can see all of this activity moving north and east, but the whole air has been moving east through the morning hours and behind it that's some of that sunshine that is has broken out, although, as i said, it's mixing with the clouds. radar all quiet out west. however, to the east we still have some heavier rains and moderate showers here across the eastern shore. this is easton and route 50 going down toward ocean city. you're still wet there and extreme southern maryland, cal bert county, another 20 minutes you're done, st. mary's county another 20 or 30. smithsburg up toward camp david up here, .70 inch of rain. we thank our weather watchers for that. we have upper 50s where the sun has been out a little longer and the ground has been dryer out there. still only 48 at andrews and bwi at the moment. in cambridge rain and 46. so we've got 52, mostly cloudy and a stiff north wind at 14
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miles an hour, so definitely jacket weather after being in the 80s yesterday. bigger picture, we've got the front pushing through, the warm humid air ahead of the front, the cooler dryer air behind the front. although in the mountains we're going to see some showers, especially in west virginia and southwestern virginia with that upper level storm that's coming across. futurecast, we'll put it in motion. the afternoon sees more sunshine, some mountain showers and the pink is a mix. snowshoe reported some snowflakes earlier, so not out of the question in the higher elevations we see some wet snowflakes. yes, it is may 4th, star wars day, may 4th be with you. cooler weather moves in tonight and tomorrow, 30s to 40s. yes, they're just getting it now in the studio. tomorrow we've got sunshine all day, we'll be in the upper 60s. as we get toward friday, here come the clouds again. and by the afternoon and evening more showers which may not clear us until early, early saturday morning. so looking at the forecast for the next three days, upper 50s to around 60 today. the showers just about done.
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it's definitely breezy out there. tomorrow 68. friday 68, but by friday afternoon and evening showers and storms are possible, saturday around 70. mother's day, sorry, moms, looks like a couple of showers are still out there. and then as we head to next week we'll still be in the 70s with the threat for a couple of showers and storms. want to tell you something. we've got a special guest in the studio with us right now. this is seven-time emmy award winner -- wow, that's nice, phil keoghan, you probably recognize him as the host of "the amazing race" and he's made a new movie called "the ride" that's showing here tonight in washington. but i want to start with "the amazing race" because the big two-hour season finale this sunday. >> i feel like you should be on "the amazing race." i'm watching you walk around the studio from place to place, boom, boom, back to here. you can multitask. >> if you can get me on, i'll do it. >> that's one of those people that can scratch your head and stand on one foot. >> i try.
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>> yes. i set out to do a ride across america to raise money for the multiple sclerosis and, of course, what we're doing is we're promoting the film and "the amazing race" which has its finale this sunday. so this ride that i did, 3500 miles all the way from los angeles to new york was sort of motivated by the idea of having a mid-life crisis and i thought i'd take on the biggest physical and mental challenge of my life. i went with my best friend ben who you see there, my dad that's holding up that, i have no idea why and i met people with m.s. along the way. >> why m.s.? >> because i sponsored a cycling team about seven years ago in conjunction with m.s., fell in love with the organization and i thought if i'm going to take on the biggest physical and mental challenge of my life, i can't just do it to be able to show off in a bar and say, hey, yeah, i rode across america, it needed to be a bigger cause. so we set a goal of raising quarter million and we ended up raising half a million. >> you've been doing "the amazing race" over 10 yars. what do you learn over 10 years
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from doing that? >> my philosophy is no opportunity wasted. i wrote a book. you push yourself outside your comfort zone, so i love having the teams come out on "the amazing race" and really push themselves, get into an environment that is totally foreign to them, quite literally foreign to them. people have never traveled overseas, people have never sims ever really pushed -- sometimes ever really pushed themselves. it's hugely rewarding to watch that. >> you get out of your element, those are the times you learn the most about yourself. >> and it's a good time to make good television too, as you know. >> of course. >> people come to me and say i speak seven languages, i travel around the world, i'd be great on "the amazing race." i say you wouldn't be great because we're looking for interest from point a to point b, not really going fast and efficiently from point a to point b. >> you ride, that's got to be life altering. >> you push yourself to your absolute limits of your physical and mental abilities. when you're lying in a hospital after 100 days of riding doing 100 days of riding, you're
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hooked up to an i.v. and it's 2:00 in the morning and you know you have 40 days to go, it does push you outside of your comfort zone. i think it's important to doing that. >> you have a chance to win free tickets to tonight's movie which is at the gallery theater, chinatown? gallery place? >> the regel theater there and 100% of the box office is going straight to m.s. we've been on a 20-city tour with regel and we've been selling out everywhere. some other tickets are opening up in washington and we would love for people to call tonight. 7:00. >> call, the first 12 callers will get a pair of tickets to tonight's 7:00 p.m. screening. meet phil, he's tweeting. remember, you can watch "the amazing race" finale that airs sunday right here at 8:00 p.m. on wusa. we'll go to the kitchen when 9 news now returns.
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if you have not made plans for next weekend, may 14th and 15th, you'll want to take the family to the national harbor because they're going to have wine and food festival. more than 20 restaurants will be there, international wines. there'll be activities for the kids and one of my favorite restaurants at national harbor is the ole hickory steakhouse. so guess what he brought me today. you think he brought me one of those big, thick juicy steaks that they do so well? no. he brought scallops. but i like scallops. let me introduce you to chef aaron baxendale and i'm not going to fuss at you. >> thank you very much.
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>> i'll just come down and get one of those juicy steaks. look at those scallops. those are beautiful. >> thank you. >> they're so big. and i see you have garlic and butter. >> garlic, thyme and butter. don't be afraid of butter. fat is flavor. >> i know. it sure is. and this is a specialty of old hickory. >> even though we're a steakhouse, we do seafood very well. >> you really do. you do. i've been there and you do it very well. and that is so quick. the recipe you're going to give to us and we're going to put it on our website, right? >> absolutely. very simple, the longest time it takes is the scallops, that's it. >> by the way, just go down to the harbor next weekend, there's going to be a discount at the gaylord hotel and many of the restaurants will have discounts, including old hickory steakhouse. look how fast that was. isn't that beautiful? so don't forget next weekend, take the whole family to the harbor and enjoy the wine and food festival. >> friday night old hickory is
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serving a wine dinner featuring henry wines, doing a dish similar to this. >> you are. i just may be there. >> why don't you come along. >> thanks for being with us. come back and join us at 5:00.
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